Catherine Phelps

Graphic design and illustration for web and print

These figures have gathered themselves together, searching for an eye here, a foot there, on the rubbish strewn beach of our collective imagination. Like the Iron Man in the Ted Hughes poem, they have picked their way through the detritus of lost memories, carefully selecting those parts most charged with the magic of use and wear, then adding elements that shine and sparkle and give delight. They venerate themselves through decoration. Like ancient Egyptian Shabti they are made to serve and to "answer", but in the here and now, not in the afterlife (about which they have serious doubts) …

Unique, impossible to reproduce due to the chance nature of their creation, yet each individual part is, on its own, pedestrian, discarded, ordinary. So much more than a sum of their parts, this anti-logic is the source of their magic.

Clever enough to invent themselves they don't mistake chance for good luck and embrace the random nature of being, at the same time willing order out of chaos, turning rubbish into gold they are portable alchemy.

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